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Transfer Tape White Gavrieli


$6.80 (per piece)




Direct Transfer Tape Rolls for use with our Vinyl.

Transfer tape is used for moving your vinyl project to it’s finished surface. Once you have cut your vinyl & weeded it (removed excess of vinyl not in design) you will use this transfer tape to move your vinyl off it’s carrier sheet and onto your surface. You simply place it over the top of your design, rub with a squeegee tool, then lift back up bringing your design with it and off it’s carrier sheet. You then place on desired surface such as wall, cup, etc and place. Rub with squeegee and remove transfer tape. Your design is now on it’s new home.

  • Paper Transfer Tape (no backing-just like a roll of masking tape)
  • High Tack
  • 100 yards (300Ft)