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3M™ Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive 72


$10.95 (per piece)


3M™ Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive 72 is a permanently tacky industrial grade spray adhesive. This unique adhesive features an added blue color and, combined with a variable spray pattern, allows for a precise application. The very long open bond time provides ample time for positioning of substrates even hours after spraying in order to ensure an ideal fit.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive gains strength as pressure is applied
  • Permanent tack ideal for many one-surface bond applications
  • Low soak-in formula keeps adhesive on the surface
  • Long open time allows bonds to be made hours or days after application
  • Variable width lace spray pattern allows for precise dispensing

Recommended Applications

  • Polyethylene sheeting for temporary construction
  • Polyethylene foam for plastic case assembly
  • Temporary positioning and holding fabric, film, and paper
  • Pipe insulation lap adhesive