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LED 3 Light Module



LED Modules are highly versatile, and frequently used for channel letters in signs, light boxes, cove lighting and a host of other applications. Because they are connected by wire instead of being mounted on a rigid substrate, they can be positioned in many different ways. The high power modules are new and quite bright. 


To control the RGB LED modules, use any of our LED Controllers & Dimmers, from simple to sophisticated DMX lighting systems. The single color ones are dimmable, using 12 Volt LED Drivers (Dimming) that operate from standard wall-mount dimmers, and a plethora of fancy LED dimmers, including the LinkUp Wifi Dimmerand 4-in-1 LED WiFi Controller


The High Power modules are UL-recognized sign components. The other modules (except infrared) are all UL-listed in the low voltage luminaire category. Peel-and-stick foam tape on the back. Waterproof.